Liberica Coffee


Our organic coffee blend is a popular choice from our range. Fully certified and freshly roasted here in Melbourne for delivery to your door.

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From the smallest but the best of four major coffee regions in Ethiopia are these amazing Yirgacheffe beans! With the farm being at a high altitude and receiving no shortage of water from rain, these beans have complex sugars that allow for intense citrus and floral flavors!

Save the future of coffee while sipping on flavors of malt, chocolate, and hazelnuts. It’s 100% organic.

My go to coffee every time I purchase from here, the smell from the coffee when you first grind the beans will put you in a great mood feeling with a lot of positivity, awesome coffee that I love – Frankie.

Cupping Notes: Full body Caramelized, with notes of Clove, Dark Chocolate Dried Fruit Malt, Savory with a long finish


  • Profile: Medium roast
  • 100% Arabica coffee
  • Roasted in Hollywood, Florida
  • Hand Packaged
  • Blend of coffee beans are grown in Colombia, Brazil, and Kenya

Your contributions from this coffee go toward smallholder farmers and co-operatives allowing them to invest money back into their farms to continually improve: Organic farming techniques, drying and processing, education and family life. Together, with your support, we can save the future of great coffee.


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